let your company flourish naturally

We, The Art of Species, are a training agency for businesses. We help people and companies creating a natural, true identity.
We believe that an organisation, like an organism, performs best when living in harmony with its environment. And we believe that that requires awareness. Awareness of the company itself: where is our strength? Where is our passion? What is our mission on earth?
And awareness of the environment: what can we contribute? What has it got to offer for us?
And awareness of your companies 'look and feel': do we show what we really are? What our intentions are?

We believe that nature can be a great source of inspiration for companies, because harmony always appears in a 'natural' way. How does nature do that? What does it do different than companies? What can we learn from that?

In our workshop the natural metaphors will let your people experience the strength and the power of your company. And it will give them new, unorthodox perspectives at ‘issues’. And a fresh look at the environment and its opportunities. Along the way they will create a true identity, that will defy heavy storms.
Your advertising agency just has to show what you are, instead of what you want to be. That makes briefing an easy job. What's in it for you? (PDF)

Can you handle that?