who are we?

The Art of Species is a team of professionals from various disciplines, so we've got much
to offer for various clients. Albert Jan is the inventor of the concept. He's got
comprehensive business experience, but is also a gifted and versatile artist and coach.
Additionally The Art of Species offers professionals who ahve the ability to translate
the basic concept, but using their own strenghts, to clients' business reality:
Cindy Hermans - 15 years experience as business coach in various industries
Angéla Kramers - very inspiring artist and yoga coach. She get everything in motion
These people have got a strong sense for (un)natural inconsistencies in companies,
they help your people identifying and neutralizing them. So the vital organs can
flourish in a natural way.
They teach your people to observe your organisation from various and original
perspectives, but also to their own role and the corporate 'habitat'. To create a
naturally colourful future for your company.
Frédérique Spannenburg, former Vice President
at Capgemini, is one of the founders and
still very much involved into the concept.

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cindy hermans Cindy

frederique_spannenburgAlbert Jan

angela kramers Angéla