your identity
That is the core of everything
Break entrenched patterns
You know how it goes: this time you want to do it in a totally different way, but on the end of the process you slip on the same banana skin like many previous times. The workshop will force your people to take al different perspective at reality, not just revealing these patterns, but also the better alternatives.
Courage, self starting & leaving apparent certainties behind
If there haven’t been big changes in you company for a while, there is a chance that people will start to feel certain about their situation. Salary, colleagues, customers, workplace, lunch- and coffeebreaks, you name it. You know that these are all very relative certainties. In the workshop the people will experience and become aware that one’s personal actions and courage are the only real certainties, and these should also be utilized when there’s no apparent urgency.
the awareness of being accountable for the company and its customers will make people curious for the answer to the question behind the question. Why…? Because they don’t want to waste their precious time. They want the best for your customers. And for your company. By looking metaphorically to specific problems, they will expose themselves in another perspective, or even another context. This might also reveal new solutions, or even the conclusion that there is no problem. That is a serious time saver.
Impact & accountability
When people become aware of their role and their (possible) impact on the bigger picture, they will want to keep them self busy with main issues.
Vitality & dynamics
People need goals. That includes your people. If there is no positive goal there is a risk that people will start activities that serve no other purpose than chasing boredom (sometimes they come hidden in disguise, like filling up CRM databases with useless information). Because we’ve always been told that boredom is bad. Animals in a zoo, when they get bored, will start walking around in circles, to stay sharp, both for threats and opportunities. In the workshop we let your people think of ways to turn boredom in creation.
Conflict management
If within your company all people are willing to look after the same intrests and goals, it should be possible to cooperate in a constructive and pleasant way. While using metaphors some pain points will likely arise and even be felt by the ones involved, but without the harshness and sharpness of reality. Your people will look for constructive solutions in a, natural, pleasant ambiance.
Team building & diversity
The use of metaphors can contribute not only in creating understanding for each others (sometimes opposite) viewpoints, but even to use this as an advantage. You have much more to offer than just one vision.
We believe in your people. And we believe that people are naturally motivated to contribute to positive goals. In the workshop people will be encouraged to look for this positive contribution with their own intrinsic motivation as a main source. That will create space for enduring growth of your company AND its customers.
Improve communication with your customers
What kind of self esteem does your company display? According to your people? And to your company’s environment? There’s nothing wrong with the high self esteem, but when this self esteem on one hand and the way for instance customers see it on the other are to far alienated, this might cause communication problems. A lion is not equipped with a self esteem, but by experience it will be aware of the fact that impala’s will not stick around when it shows up, whatever its intentions are. In the workshop there’s a strong focus on the environment’s perspective on your image. Why does a customer react in a certain manner on your company?
Vitality & radiation
If people are aware of the core, the power of an organization, they will show it. Naturally.
Spirituality, relaxation
Your people will flourish if they are working on goals that are challenging but feasible. And in case they miss it, still feel unconditionally supported. That gives them the space to aim their energy at creating a road to reacht those goals. Sometimes people have trouble while making coices. And that causes stress. The workshop will make people aware of what will really make a difference while hunting targets, and what doesn’t. If a lion feels that he will not catch that gnoe right away, he wont’ start running anyway, only to impress his manager. He will take a rest to build up energy for a new, better attempt.
We believe that most people naturally want to become unchained from the limitations of a job description. They want to emerge, discover new paths, give a chance to coincidental findings. In the workshop new paths will be created and explored, and those might lead to something very interesting. Something that you will probably not fin don the highway.
new opportunities
If one learns to look from a different perspectives, new opportunities will reveal themselves. Open up for it!
Cultural differences as enrichment
When a merger or acquisition takes place, people will tend to be scared of the unknown. Obviously it will take time to get to know eachother, but an open attitude offers great opportunities. In the workshop your people will experience that curiosity can arouse positive tension and that diversity is very refreshing and enriching for your company.

your gain

We believe that a powerful identity will empower your company to face the future energetically. In our workshop your people will actively experience this powerful identity. What is your gain? (just hover the links below for an explanation how it works in the workshop)