Albert Jan Raskerzosia en papa

I’ve wandered around in the world. As successful speed skater and skating coach. I studied Business and Law. Driven taxi. In my professional life I organized events in Amsterdam, worked in graphic design and I managed international accounts at e.g. British Telecom.
A peculiar and interesting road, that actually guided me back to the things a liked doing most as a child: trigger people’s point of view in an artistic way.

I don’t have a standard approach. Things just escape from my brain or cross my path. I feel an intrinsic urge to continuous innovation and development, that's why I developed many skills. And I'm very curious what I will have learned in a year from now, that I have no idea of, yet.

The tendency to innovation also applies for my choice of subjects. Everything I see, read or experience may provoke my imagination and creativity. And my fantasy and creativity like to be provocative, too.
My other artistic activities can be found on, and of course my blog .

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